Radio Telephony -RT

Radio Telephony Restricted(A) And FRTOL(A) Exam

Aeronishi Aviation Instructors guide pilot aspirants for Radio Telephony Restricted (Aeronautical) to clear the RTR examination in the shortest possible time by providing quality RTR(A) Classes.
Pre-Entry Requirement:
Duration of RTR(A) Classes:
30 Days (5 Days a week for 2 hours/day)
What is Radio Telephony Restricted (Aeronautical)?
The RTR (A) license comes from India’s Govt Telecommunications Department’s WPC division. The Ministry of Communications conducts this examination granting the RTR (A) license in India. Every Pilot in India requires RTR (A) license to fly high.This Exam is conducted in two parts.
The RTR (A) evaluation comprises two sections.
Step 1: Practical examination (Transmission)
Step 2: Viva Exam (Oral)
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